Pmag tools

On this page I’ll link to some manuals I wrote for students or myself during my MSc project and my PhD at Fort Hoofddijk (Utrecht University), as well as some bits of software that should make analysing some types of data a lot easier.


An easy-to-use VBA tool to analyse multispecimen palaeointensity data (Dekkers and Böhnel, 2006; Fabian and Leonhardt, 2010), which includes an alignment correction and several reliability checks.


This VBA macro makes at least the analysis part of Thellier-Thellier a lot less frustrating. You can import or copy-paste TH files (2G DC SQUID magnetometer) and jr6 files (AGICO JR-6 spinner magnetometer) into the appropriate sheets and the macro will convert these to the same format, combine them (so it doesn’t matter if some of your samples were measured on the cryogenic for soms steps and on the spinner for other steps) and create tdt files that can be opened in ThellierTool 4.0 (Leonhardt et al., 2004).


Insert the temperature steps for your IZZI-Thellier experiment, and TTChecklist will create a checklist with all measurement steps.

Various manuals and checklists

I’m rather fond of manuals and checklists, including:

  • How to create a Fort Hoofddijk robot file (AF demagnetisation, pseudo-Thellier and ARM test): PDF (Dutch)
  • How to carry out an ARM test (de Groot et al., 2012): PDF (English)
  • How to align samples for a multispecimen experiment: PDF (Dutch)
  • Printable multispecimen checklists: PDF (Dutch)

Coming up:

ARMTester: Analyses and plots ARM test (de Groot et al., 2012) data.

Pseudo-Thellier: A tool to analyse and plot palaeointensity data obtained using the pseudo-Thellier method (de Groot et al., 2013).