Welcome to my blog!

This blog has been inactive for quite a while. In 2016 I finished my PhD, and I started a new career as a physics teacher. In the future I may blog about the Geophysics booklet I wrote for the school I work at (in Dutch).

This website is also home to my VBA tool MSP-Tool. MSP-Tool is an easy-to-use bit of software that can be used to analyse and interpret multispecimen palaeointensity data. The associated paper can be downloaded from Frontiers in Earth Science (here), including a ZIP file with MSP-Tool itself and several example input files. (Note: Annemarieke Béguin (Utrecht University) created an online version of MSP-Tool, which can be found here.)

On this website you can also find a few Fort Hoofddijk-specific bits of software, such as  TTConverter, which combines and converts data measured on a 2G DC-SQUID magnetometer (TH files) and data measured on an AGICO JR-6 spinner magnetometer (jr6 files) to TDT files that can be read by ThellierTool 4.0 (by Leonhardt et al., 2004).

In addition, I wrote a post (in Dutch) about how to ‘guess’ the solution to a differential equation, which could be useful to students following the UU course ‘Differentiaalvergelijkingen voor aardwetenschappen’ (DIVA).