Welcome to my blog!

Every now and then I’ll post about my life as an Earth scientist, in either Dutch or English, depending on my mood and the subject. This website is also home to my VBA tool MSP-Tool. MSP-Tool is an easy-to-use bit of software that can be used to analyse and interpret multispecimen palaeointensity data. The associated paper can be downloaded from Frontiers in Earth Science (here), including a ZIP file with MSP-Tool itself and several example input files.

I’ll also post some more Fort Hoofddijk-specific bits of software, such as my latest plaything TTConverter, which combines and converts data measured on a 2G DC-SQUID magnetometer (TH files) and data measured on an AGICO JR-6 spinner magnetometer (jr6 files) to TDT files that can be read by ThellierTool 4.0 (by Leonhardt et al., 2004).