Fieldwork photos

April 2015: Eastern Eifel (Germany)

Fieldwork with BSc students Laura Wiarda and Jaap Langemeijer (Utrecht University).

IMG_1957         IMG_1952         IMG_1931         IMG_1926         IMG_1892         IMG_1891         IMG_0962

October 2013: El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain)

Fieldwork with Joris van Galen (MSc student, UU), Lennart de Groot (postdoc, UU) and Annemarieke Béguin (BSc student, UU).

IMG_0614  IMG_0504  IMG_0373  IMG_0276  IMG_0252

May 2013: Santorini, Syros and Nisyros (Greece)

Excursion/fieldwork to Santorini, Syros and Nisyros with Martijn Klaver (PhD, VU University Amsterdam) and several VU BSc students.

PB070069 PB070035 PB060007 PA310304 PA270218 P3270040 P3270005 P3260118

April 2012: Sicily (Italy)

Fieldwork with Roy Lagerburg (MSc student, UU), Lennart de Groot (postdoc, UU) and Klaudia Kuiper (VU). Mt Etna actually erupted during our fieldwork, which was really awesome.

P4230275 P4230274 P4230261 P4210208 P4210193 P4170097

August 2010: La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain)

Fieldwork for my MSc project, with Lennart de Groot (UU).

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